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Bread x Butta Conscious Love Cacao (PSYCHOACTIVE MICRODOSE)

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This Conscious Love Cacao is infused with the medicinal shamanic mushroom, Golden Teacher (psychoactive microdose) and the highly adaptogenic, Reishi and Lions Mane mushroom (non psychoactive) BreadxButta sources their cacao from Sandra Farms in Puerto Rico. This blend was created to offer a moment of deep nourishment from mother cacao and harness the magic of sacred mushrooms. Conscious Love Cacao is heart opening and heart healing. Its intended to help us to move through heart ache, grief, sadness and help us to mentally reprogram old patterning—all while offering the energetic feeling of love and safety in our physical and subtle energy bodies.

This blend promotes the Yin balance in our lives and ask us to listen to our hearts and intuition more. It asks us to step out of the cerebral reactions and patterns that no longer serve us. Conscious Love Cacao is heart opening, improving our mood, flooding our bodies with magnesium and antioxidants . Golden Teacher mushroom is a psilocybe cubensis mushroom aka magical mushroom that is used as a mental wellness treatment. It is an entheogen and is shamanically used as a heart opener- allowing us to give ourselves grace and instead of being more visually stimulated, go deeper for an introspective experience.

How to micro dose with Conscious Love Cacao for optimal results: Before consuming your dose, Allow yourself a few minutes of quiet time to sit with the medicine. Let your tastebuds connect with the bitter and sweet flavors of cacao as you set intentions on your day ahead. On your ‘off’ days, consider continuing the practice of giving yourself those few minutes of quiet and mindfulness.

Manifest your day ahead and set positive intentions for it. This will help you to further incorporate the practice of connecting, mind body and spirit- even after your cacao is done. Preparation directions: Each TBSP in the bag contains .15-.20grams of Golden Teacher psilocybe cubensis. Heat up 4-6oz of water or plant based milk Mix in your desired amount of micro dosed cacao. 1 dose creates Qi 2 doses are meditative and still a microdose 3 doses are ceremonial and more psychoactive *Please note that these are not psychoactive doses. A micro dose is sub perceptual and works on our subtle energy. The idea is to set intentions when consuming these sacred earth medicines and to use these medicines in tandem with deep self work. Such as: meditation, journaling, creating, anything that is positive in feeding your soul.