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POW Magic Matcha w/ Adaptogens and Lion's Mane 25 SERVINGS (LIGHTLY SWEETENED)

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About This magical blend of ceremonial grade matcha (from Uji Japan), functional mushrooms, and adaptogens is formulated to increase your focus and productivity, while relieving stress and anxiety. In the lightly sweetened blend we use organic monk fruit powder as a natural (+ zero calorie) sweetener. Benefits βœ… Improves focus, cognition, and blood flow (πŸ„ via Lion's Mane) βœ… Decreased anxiety and stress (πŸ§˜πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ via Ashwagandha) βœ… Long-lasting serene energy (🍡 via Matcha) βœ… High antioxidants and polyphenols improve overall health, digestion, and decrease bloat Our ingredients are meticulously selected and tested for quality and active ingredients. We're super proud of the suppliers we work with around the world. Non-GMO, all organic ingredients. Matcha: Our sustainably sourced premium ceremonial grade, all organic matcha is grown on the hillsides of Uji, Japan. Naturally occurring L-theanine helps you stay focused longer, without using more caffeine. Lions Mane extract: Using only fruiting bodies, this ancient medicinal mushroom is used to boost cognition and blood flow. Our Lion's Mane mushroom is tested for active ingredients and has minimum beta-glucans of 25%. This is what you want to see! Ashwagandha: Balancing the caffeine, ashwagandha reduces stress and inflammation. We use only ashwagandha root, no leaves. Ceylon Cinnamon: This ancient spice has is loaded with antioxidants, reduces inflammation, and helps you fight infections - keeping you healthy! Monk fruit powder: In the lightly sweetened version we add a sprinkle of monk fruit powder for sweetness and joy. 100% pure, organic, no sugar alcohols, zero calories, all natural.