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Bailey's Chicken Flavored Hip & Joint CBD Soft Chews 30 count (90mg bag)

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Ready to give your pup a pep in their step while satisfying their savory chicken craving? Bailey's Hip & Joint CBD Soft Chews are great for: Mobility support Aging pets Arthritic pets Those predisposed to hip & joint conditions by breed These mouth watering CBD dog chews are packed with holistic active ingredients to support your pup's hip & joint function, including: Glucosamine - Abundantly found in chicken's feet, glucosamine is known to alleviate pain and joint wear caused by hip dysplasia or other structural changes, which many dog breeds are highly predisposed to including pugs, German Shepherds, bulldogs, Great Dane's, etc. Glucosamine is also an amazing aid in the treatment of spinal disc injury, helps ease recovery from joint surgery, and promotes proactive wellness, keeping our pup's mobility health in peak condition.  MSM - This naturally occurring works by lowering pressure in cells and allowing more nutrients to be absorbed. This helps flush waste out of the body and improves how cells function. By making cells healthier, MSM reduces inflammation and works in multiple ways to help your dog as a powerful antioxidant, and is known to detox our pet's body at a cellular level, by flushing waste out of cells. It also can dissolve harmful toxins floating around inside your dog's body. Once the bad elements are out of the cells, fresh nutrients can enter in their place. This leads to less disease and better function of the body. MSM also supports pain relief, and helps enhance other vitamins and supplements due to its detoxifying effects. Green Lipped Mussel - As a natural filter in seawater, they retain a multitude of essential nutrients including ETA-rich Omega 3 Fatty Acids, which is not found in fish oil. It also contains amino acids to provide energy and keep the immune system strong, enzymes for gastrointestinal health, antioxidants for heart health, chondroitin for inflammation support, hyaluronic acid for joint health, and crucial vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C and E, selenium, manganese, zinc, iodine, copper and more. Naturally Occurring CBD - From single-sourced Rocky Mountain grown, USDA organic full spectrum hemp extract. CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory properties as it works to promote "homeostasis" at as systemic level via our pet's Endocannabinoid System, or ECS, helping our pets live healthy, age gracefully, and feel more complete. Inactive Ingredients:Acacia Gum, Ascorbic Acid, Brewers Yeast (Grain & Soy Free), Calcium Propionate, Calcium Sulfate, Chicken Liver, Flax Oil, Glycerin, Liquid Smoke, Kthrive, Microcrystaline Cellulose, Mixed Tocopherols, Natural Bacon Flavoring, Pectin, Sodium Alginate, Salt, Sweet Potato, Sunflower Lecithin, Water. Bailey's Chicken Flavored Hip & Joint CBD Soft Chews are available in two strengths: 3MG CBD Per Chew Small/Medium Breed Variation 6MG CBD Per Chew Large Breed/Extra Strength Variation (Strong enough to satisfy even the biggest of paws!) Let your pup enjoy our finest CBD from USDA organic full spectrum hemp extract, contributing to your pup's daily CBD regimen to help keep them balanced, healthy & happy! Important Fact: Bailey's soft chews are cold pressed, never baked, retaining all of the important vitamins and supplements from our boutique quality ingredients.  But be warned, these delectable chews are so tasty, even you'll need to keep your hands off 'em!