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Cultivated Minds Innovation CBD Tincture Drops 500mg

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The CBD Tincture Drops are known to be one of the most effective means of CBD intake. The CBD drops are made from whole cannabis plants which are prepared specially to contain high quality and adequate amount of cannabidiol. The CBD in this highly effective and multi-use product is treated organically with CO2 and then made into a tincture well packaged in a dropper bottle that’s convenient for easy usage by everyone. Our tincture drops come in a 30mL bottle, but there are four different dosages customers can choose from to suit their level of need; there is the 250mg, 500mg and 1000ml. The CBD tincture drops are a wholesome extract because they contain precious natural oils, terpenoids, and stimulating cannabinoids for complete effectiveness. We recommend an oral intake of a 0.5ml volume each time and for best result, the drops should be placed directly under the tongue. EXTRA BENEFITS The recommended application of this product is a 0.5mL volume from the dropper to be taken orally. For best results, place directly under the tongue. This dosage has been assured to make available several valuable nutrients into the body, including 5mg of CBD. Well packaged to avoid contamination or quick expiration No tendency of getting high from normal doses taken No unpleasant taste or aftertaste Contains several nutrients for instant relief Drops enable easy usage Nonaddictive An alternative for marijuana and cigarette smokers CAUTION/ADDITIONAL INFORMATION This product is not meant to intoxicate It is not made with the purpose of preventing or curing diseases Results may vary in users It does not contain THC