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Maison Bri Beach Bar: Pineapple – Orange–Sea Salt-Sandalwood-Soca Candle - 13oz. Ceramic jar

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Beach Bar: Pineapple – Orange–Sea Salt-Sandalwood-Soca Top Note: Lemon, Orange, Apple Pear Florals Middle Note: Pineapple, Water Lily, Linen Bottom Note: Rum, Sea Moss, Musk Close your eyes, do you hear the waves tip-toeing on shore? The calypso band playing? Now look over to the left of your hammock… perfect – a frozen Mai Tai. Whether you’re cleaning the kitchen, dancing in your room, or planning your next getaway, this scent takes you to a beach bar off the Bahamian coast. The only time relaxation and fun join together. Maison Bri is black woman owned chic home fragrance and lifestyle company; created to bring back familiar scents and evoke pleasant new memories. Bri, the creator has lived in many places, born and raised in Queens, New York, then scattered to Philadelphia, Maryland, Barcelona, a month in Prague, 48hours in the computer labs, in her partners skin ... what she has learned is “La Maison est la ou est le coeur” or “Home is where the heart is''. Whether that’s in grandma’s kitchen, NYC pier, the Caribbean shore, the work desks' 3rd coffee, or in a freshly made bed reading a book... orrrr not reading a book... All of these places have been her home and she wants them to be in yours too. - Bri xoxo Additional Candle Information: All of our candles are made with 100% soy wax and are Paraffin free, this mixed with our 3braid all cotton wicks give you a clean burning candle for up to a 50-60hr burn time in our 13oz ceramic vessels (10oz pour) that will ignite your senses. All candles are hand-poured and custom made in Brooklyn, NY. Vessels are meant to be up-cycled, please re-use!