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Self Ceremony HEARTH / LOOSE INCENSE HEART-OPENING. GROUNDING, ESPECIALLY HELPFUL WHEN WE ARE FEELING DISCONNECTED OR UNINSPIRED, REMINDING US THAT WE ARE HOME. Cedar tips, Rose petals, Yerba Santa, Frankincense (powder + tears) This blend helps create a space for tending to your inner fire. Intentionally created to assist you in meditation, self-reflection, and while setting intentions. Like a gentle song to soothe the heart. Packaged by volume in 1 oz corked glass jar Contains enough incense for 10-15 smolders on charcoal, far more uses can be had if using a ceramic wax warmer. A small amount goes a long way! Handmade in single batches with joy and intention, and responsibly and ethically sourced plant material. There’s no perfumes or fragrances added. Please use mindfully to preserve this natural medicine. To be burned with intention using an incense burner / heat proof dish over charcoal or with a wax warmer. Burning loose incense is a unique experience. The endless combinations in every pinch you place onto the hot charcoal makes for a dynamic aromatic experience, as the proportion of herbs and resins in each pinch will be slightly different from the one that burned before INGREDIENTS - CEDAR: Cedar symbolizes wisdom, interconnectedness, and nurturing. As the Tree of Life, Cedar helps us connect with the primal source of life. It can help us align with our true selves and stand tall and strong in our truth. "Cedar is very grounding and can be helpful for when you are in a funk or feeling “out of it”. It has a gentle but powerful way of removing energetic blockages to help hollow you out to receive, connect, cleanse, and be in your power." - NW School of Aromatic Medicine - ROSE: Rose is believed to help lift the spirit and open the heart. It can also be calming to the nervous system and help dissolve feelings of hopelessness and indifference. Rose beauty is protected by thorns, allowing the plant to bloom to its full expression without fear or apology. Rose reminds us to embody this courage and live the most authentic and vulnerable version of ourselves, trusting that we are always protected. - YERBA SANTA: is an excellent remedy for emotional and soul blockages and helps to release grief, despair and melancholy, which can be held in the heart and lungs. - FRANKINCENSE: For educational purposes only. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This product is intended for recreational and/or ritual use only. HAPPY BUDS will not be held responsible for any consequences that may result from using this product. Please use mindfully.